Tuesday, April 13, 2010

april 13th, 2010

basic space

I'm reaching for dusty books
with stained pages
as if some magical poem
is the answer.

I'm reaching for nice Cabs
and expensive pasta sauces
as if they contain 
the answer.

I'm reaching for instrumental jazz
downtempo electronica
and pure ambient simplicity
as if they guard
the answer.

I'm looking in all these places
time and time again
expecting new results
but only inching
towards insanity.

I'll continue to reach
for the answer
but it's about time I recognize
what she holds
is just as magnificent.


  1. what is "just as magnificent" ? what has to do with the answer you are looking for ? I will open the cards to see what you mean...

  2. or you'd better write here..