Wednesday, April 14, 2010

april 14th, 2010

nights that end with ambient music

I was the lone soldier in favor of the Barolo when the opposition dug through the mud and attacked with sleepless devotion.  It was guerilla warfare and pretentious as all hell.  I acted social and optimistic to please him, but truly I felt overlooked and exhausted.  I put on that face every week-- sometimes it scratches at my smile.


  1. the title is happy the content is reverse..
    when will the title match the content ?

  2. I don't have to please anyone..I don't give a damn..I hate % 99 of people..people are bad!!!!!!!!!

  3. I tried loving them since I was child, always gave the bigger part of the apple I cut, but none of them deserved my attitude except only a few..I couldn't change myself so I changed my world only formed of a few people..