Thursday, April 22, 2010

april 22nd, 2010

Here's a new cut-up I wrote last night.  This day is fucking pissing me off so I can't tell right now if I like it or not, either way, here it is...

meditations for life without cigarettes

Virgins running through streets of blood waving bayonets flooded the landscape.  This atmosphere took its toll on youngsters like Jorgen, drowning their pimply hopes like critters in a mousetrap.  Communist sympathizers would attempt to ease the pain by passing out homemade candies.  Mormons crowded around saloons protected by ancient gargoyles and ordered moonshine with melted butter to ease the burn.  Wannabe poets forced glossy self-portraits into the pockets of the weak and distracted.  My wine glass remained full throughout the commotion and not once could I make sense of the circus I had chose to witness.  Never did I mind quietly observing.

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  1. I liked it..thank you for the share.
    I had a bad day also yesterday..
    why was that ?