Thursday, April 1, 2010

april 1st, 2010

Here are two new poems.  The second one is a cut-up I wrote using the words of a friend, Caitlin Cooke.  Cheers.

studying bare walls

His shrinking humiliation blistered in the sun.
You raise your nose at him
but I've seen you,
I've seen you digging through the dumpsters,
hissing at spectators as they laugh at your misfortune.
Lean in close and listen to the clicking
of the kitchen clock.  Maddening isn't it?
All of your mental calculations are letting you
down, aren't they?
These are nights of love and laughter
followed by days of unapologetic
You stare at the dirty wine glasses
filling your sink as if you're the only one
who feels empty on a daily basis.

maybe her body followed

Breaking the surface of the pomegranate
felt like penetrating human skin.
The purple blood trickled down my fingers
and splashed onto the meat of my bare foot.
I saw it falling towards the ground
and even though there was ample time to react
I was unable to pull away.
I felt knuckle deep in fresh jello
or 15 minutes into a hot shower
on a winter day.
I knew I had to let go
but my body refused.

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