Monday, November 30, 2009

november 30th, 2009

here's an older poem...


I remember back in Santa Barbara when I was 20.  I was standing outside of a bar one night, waiting for a friend of my father's.  I saw a man across the street holding a sign that read FREE HUGS.  Another man, attempting to drink himself into the record book, stumbled my way.  Do you have a fuckin' problem? he asked.  Are you some kind of fuckin' pussy?  I told him there was no problem and laughed at his sense of desperation.  I don't want no fuckin' problem, I'm just a good Americano like yourself.  He walked up and limply shook my hand. 

Later that night I held a beer and listened to some advice from my father's friend.  I was trying to find the secret to women.  I was sure he didn't have the answer, but the conversation was humorous.  Marry the first girl that licks your asshole he said.  I laughed and took a sip as I thought back to that pathetic man outside the bar, wondering how many more people he had found to hassle.

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  1. ha ha haaa ..that's funny..I think the friend
    means that the girl has to sacrifice in order to have peace at home so the boy doesn't have a headache.