Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pepper rabbit

I just finished writing a blurb for a friend's band, Pepper Rabbit, and I post it here because they make damn good music and chances are you've never heard of them.  They have two EPs on iTunes (as well as many other services) called Clicks and Shakes.  Do your brain a favor and give them a listen.  You can visit their myspace here:

The forming of Pepper Rabbit is a glorious tale of pre-pubescent competition thrown blindly into a blender with Mr. Peanut and unexpected friendship.

Xander Singh first met his future musical partner Jean-Luc Laurent in the Gobi desert during the 37th annual Worldwide Hide and Seek National Tournament of Champions.  The epic showdown lasted 14 days and 17 nights, finally ending after referees found each opponent sucking their thumb, shivering under what they thought were leopard-print Snuggies.  When ordered to shake hands and acknowledge a tie, Xander and Luc, in their hallucinatory state, ran towards each other at full speed and collided in a hug formation, bonding them for life.  They walked home together, stride by stride, eating sponsor-provided honey roasted peanuts by the handful. 

Since then music has infested their minds and driven their purpose, creating beautiful collaborations of sound and heartfelt lyrics.  They experienced only ecstasy and success until a brutal peanut-butter-and-jelly-crust-incident murdered Xander’s imaginary dog Lord Mitsy on none other than PB & J Wednesday.  The death bullied Xander for years, but he recovered resiliently and bounced back as passionate as ever many felt.

They are now in the process of recording new songs that promise nothing less than a religious experience* and demand Webster himself to rethink the definition of lush.  Pepper Rabbit is here to stay folks.

*Pepper Rabbit in no way shape or form promises religious experiences.

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