Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december 1st, 2009

poets are so full of shit

poets are so full of shit.
they break their poems in
                               artsy ways because
poetry isn't about being straight-
forward, it's about 
   confusing the reader 
or distracting them
                     from your bullshit,
then convincing them they don't understand
or they just don't think outside the 
        B        O
   X enough.

or the fuckers break every
poem into neat little stanzas
because that's the way a real
poem is supposed to look

regardless of how much sense
each break makes, and trust
me, it usually doesn't make
any goddamn sense.

And occasionally the brainwashed assholes
Capitalize the start of each line, distracting
Me into insanity.  When will they shut the
Fuck up and stop polluting creative minds?

I don't want to be a poet, I just want to write.


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