Friday, December 18, 2009

december 18th, 2009

this is our lot

We wiggle and kick like bobbing bait, anxiously awaiting a gratifying and genuine conversation with a human being. It was so easy back then and none of us knew it. This is our lot, our time to shine… but I don’t see that urgency in their eyes. I hear unruffled words exit trembling lips. I see wandering eyes glued to worried faces. You must remember that this is our lot. This is our time to shine, to give those bastards a run for their money, to show them what a heart pumping refusal is capable of. We must incite fear in their minds and prove that success is a tangible, beating entity resting in our palms. We must do all of this because they think we are weak. We do not intimidate them because we aren’t willing to make the effort, because we are too busy watching tv and concerning ourselves with everyone else’s issues instead of our own. No one said it would be easy so stop acting like you’re fucking surprised. Running for the hills in the eyes of the beast is cowardly, so join me on the front line. You aren’t alone, all of us are terrified.

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  1. it was terrifying to be 10.000 feet above the ground for 10 hours after 4 years.
    but I put "what I must have done" first.
    I kept it simple.
    Keep it simple.

    P.S.I had brought my disco ball.