Thursday, May 28, 2009

may 28th, 2009

a second chance ruined

The green light flashes and the little white man appears, quietly encouraging me to cross Sunset Blvd.  I throw my shoulders back and walk towards my house gripping a bottle of wine and a box of ravioli.  I have high hopes for the near future.  I reach the curb and come across a note written in pink chalk on the sidewalk:

What is so scary
if this fairy
wants to marry?

I have no answer.  Do you?


  1. in this simple paragraph what is given to me is "a sophisticated complication"..was he expecting to be encouraged by the little white man to cross that blvd..if so why did he give up
    and walked towards his house instead ? how can the wine & ravioli be related to "high hopes" ?
    I am not asking anything above..these are just the reasons of my confusion...
    and which "fairy" is referred here? my answer depends on whether its being the "fairy godmother" or "the other one"..

  2. i don't think he gave up... he threw his shoulders back to charge forward.