Wednesday, May 13, 2009

may 13th, 2009

watch me peel an orange

I finally order a J&B on the rocks and by the time it comes my mind is still filled with mud.  Her ideas are always preposterous, but yet again, I do the best I can to cloak my disappointment.  Once, on vacation in India, I saw a young man lose a miserable argument in the dead of day.  Nihilism is the farmer staring at a black harvest.  A ghost snuck up behind me and pulled the trigger with such admirable force I had to kneel down and applaud, you would have done the same.  I had committed a mortal sin, an abominable mistake, an unforgiveable act of intense passion and beauty-- punishment will be a gorgeous spectacle.  He’s drunk in the wagon with some woman and you want no part of that freak show, trust me.  The masses always run for shelter when the beast approaches gripping his tin foil hat, looking angrily toward the sun.  All it took was a few thousand pounds of rice and a zamboni and we were halfway to Ohio, lighting cigarettes behind our clasped hands, giggling as if the worst was behind us.  I never realized how quick my life would pass me by. 

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  1. "nihilism is the farmer staring at a black harvest"..omg...

    -please same for me! Cheers!...