Sunday, May 3, 2009

may 3rd, 2009

gotta keep on rising

she says I wear cigarette smoke well
and I am glad
because I smoke cigarettes
and she is happy enough
with me
two bottles of red wine
and possibly some gouda

I don't need anything else...
not sure if I ever did

do doo do

the ceiling collapsed
and they ran like ants
and they felt like ants
and maybe
for those brief moments
their assholes clenched
and they put life into perspective
and realized their bank account
and their car
and their closet
and their contract
make them no more important
than the guy
watching the footage at home
nursing a beer
and prolonging the weekend
as long as possible

it's a dogfight for everyone
so don't forget it.

1 comment:

  1. .."two bottles of red wine
    and possibly some gouda"..
    that's more than being "enough" and that's my mentality !