Thursday, May 7, 2009

may 7th, 2009

giants of ____

Andy stood under the doorway and scratched his bald wrist impatiently.  He had scribbled down some thoughts earlier on a receipt and felt like reminiscing.  He reached into his pocket... but decided he would look later instead.  He leaned against the wooden frame and dug his shoulder into a nice little notch.  He was comfortable gripping his glass of wine.  It was a Pinot Noir, one he had never tried before.  It was nice, but not as nice as the one he had poured two nights ago.  That was a Pinot.  That was a nice glass of wine. 

He scanned over the party guests and calculated the data.  They were outgoing and aggressive-- not the kind he preferred to interact with.  He enjoyed their presence though, heavily.  He liked the company of bees.

Now it felt like the right time to look--

Why is it so hard to smile alone?
Why don't I buy more cantaloupe?
Give sandals another chance.


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  1. ..."That was a Pinot..."

    "Give sandals another chance"