Monday, April 13, 2009

april 13th, 2009


I am consumed by this song.  I hear my alarm go off and I hit the snooze a few times and when I am finally ready to rise and face the day-- the melody comes to mind and I am lost.  I walk blindly into the bathroom, arms stretched out at full length doing the best zombie impression I know.  I step into the shower in a daze and poorly cleanse myself.  Last week I forgot to turn on the water and stood under the shower head for eleven minutes, eyes glued to the fading red tiles on the wall.  I brush my teeth thoroughly, counter-clockwise with medium strength, one minute.  The melody continues to permeate my skull as I hop into the same pair of skinny black jeans.  I need that consistency.  My shoes are laid out for me and I slip into them with tentative ease.  I am still humming the chorus.  I am still humming the chorus.  It is infectious and awful and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth but only because I know I am so close.  The corks are piling up under the bed planks and at night they get together and map out devious plans to overthrow the tyrant sleeping in peace above them.  I found a map of theirs last week and felt a cold breeze slide across my torso.  I fear not though, for I have momentum on my side and she is one hell of a catalyst.  Auto pilot or not, continue to watch out below.  Rupert is ducking beneath the punches and connecting his jabs with remarkable force.  The exterior tells merely what I cannot hide, and these days, I am hiding more than you know.


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  3. it couldn't have been described any any ways..I have a song that "resides" in my mind and it's made of one word..
    this is one of the best passages I've ever read.Beyond excellence!