Sunday, April 26, 2009

april 26th, 2009

I am still not entirely sure when Matzo Ball Soup will go on sale, but it will be much earlier than I previously thought.  I can confidently say it will be online before May is over, hopefully as early as the first couple weeks of the month.  It'll be available on,, and  You can also buy it directly from the publisher at (where I receive more royalties).

Until then, here's another older poem, one I wrote not long ago using only the lyrics from the Grizzly Bear album Yellow House.

yellow house

Each day spend it with me, each day recognize the solemn one wading in the chlorine, each day trust the stumbling 
morning light.  I’ve got plenty of strange predicaments in the corner, but I can’t find the french horn.  A rush of wind passing over me yells baby it’s a long way to Argentina.  I want to look in your sheepskin eyes while you’re asleep and just let go… but restless nights remind me of my disguise.  The greenhouse argues with me-- lies lies lies!  You can’t possibly go back to Colorado when you’re rambling around out here.  Cheer up Mr. Forbes, with every blow comes another wide eyed knife.  Just give us back our cello and short goodbyes.  Pressing matters and a glass of gin, what now? 

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  1. ..."each day trust the stumbling morning light."...
    "but restless nights remind me of my disguise"..."short goodbyes"..
    creating such a good poem just using the lyrics of an album..don't know what to say..just perfect!