Monday, April 6, 2009

cover art

I have a found a cover for my book "Matzo Ball Soup" and I am thrilled to get this thing underway.  Thank you Kelley Benes.  I am self publishing this and fully expect it to go on sale before the year is over.  Good stuff I say.

Here's an older poem that will appear in my new book.  Damn it feels good to say that.

in the marsh

Thelonius and I sit in the marsh, cross-legged, discussing the intricacies of totality and how vague we sound speaking upon the subject.  There are birds floating atop the lake nearby; a few dive for food while the rest have chose to lay back and tan beneath the banana sun.  We are alone, and our words trickle down our lips and suspend from our chins... but only momentarily.  But as luck may have it, it is in that moment we given permission to remove the blinders from our faces.  Upon doing so we witness the unraveling of our misconceptions while clarity makes a bold cameo-- but vanishes quickly as the words slip off our chins and fall fast to the ground.  The dirt smacks his lips in anticipation.

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