Sunday, August 23, 2009

august 23rd, 2009

nod off

it's all been said long ago.
with beauty
and without.
with truth
and without.
with conviction
and without.

you are a recycling bin
with a solid heart
and a statistical mind.
you will search
through the night
and fall asleep
clasping a phantom presence.
only in moments
such as now
do you realize
the answer will always be
inches out of reach.

nod off young man,
Saturdays are infinite.


  1. the things(the acts)might have been seen as if he's been nodding off as he's not been able to be in real presence till now, but perhaps there might have been "reasonable excuses" that he's not been able to share with the Phantom he's clasping when he's asleep or he's been unsure whether he understood what's been said long ago correctly or not..but after all to show his true friendship, I hope he will get up soon from where he's been nodding off and will put on his wings and will bring a brand new pellet with him..because saturdays are not infinite for none of us...