Wednesday, January 11, 2012

january 11th, 2012

throw him a curveball is featured on Young American Poets blog today, which is very nice of them. the heavy musk of masochism and keep it simple previously appeared in late 2011.

I haven't posted new work in a while, so here are two poems for you to enjoy.

can't you hear me knockin'?

Before I could react to the knocking
it was gone.
A few modest pounds
followed by sustained silence.
The kind of silence that permeates through an auditorium
hours before an orchestra takes stage.
Hauntingly inspirational,
yet suspiciously dormant.

Before I could answer the door
the knocking was gone,
and I was left standing
like a fool in the rain.

los feliz

Now we live together.
Just like that.
Seems like, well, at most a year ago
when we first walked toward each other,
awkwardly closing the cement gap with wobbly legs.
Sure as hell doesn't feel like four years.

Now we live together
and we're 25 years-old,
merely skimming the surface of potentiality,
meticulously chipping away at the tip of the iceberg.
A subdued smirk sprouts above my chin
because I have seen the ocean floor
and the massive frozen base.
I have seen what we are capable of
and fully intend to capture it,
ensuring we are there to witness it blossom.
Others are free to watch,
for they will always remember the couple
who unleashed what they could not.

Now we live together
and it's easy.
The vinyl is continually spinning
and the art comes in spurts,
always returning moments before you swear it's gone for good.


  1. "yes, you can' are deaf..f***k you."
    said the woman to the man..after a life time of 29 years...f***k you forever forever forever..

  2. "los feliz"
    "what an unrealistic, "┼čizofrenik" poem"
    there is no real happiness in this life.
    because they are bad and cruel and they deserve to live the bad life.