Tuesday, October 12, 2010

october 12th, 2010

A cut-up written with Erin Dillon.

a start

He’s terribly petrified to laugh in public. Nothing about his private life possesses honest, homegrown confidence. Even when he drapes himself in polished pearls and heavy mascara his masculinity pokes through garishly. He hides behind himself with fearful pride.

Standing in line for the ladies room this evening results in provocative but ultimately degrading looks. Quickly he flees. His dress trails behind him as he elbows his way through the crowd of expressionless mannequins. “Why do I need their approval?” he questions angrily as he exits out the side door.

“Hey Jim, get a load of that tranny dragging it’s cock between it’s legs. Wah ha ha ha!” The anonymous drunk smirks before stumbling back to the bar. Your protagonist chokes back tears and waves down a taxi driver wearing a confused face.

"Where you go?" asks the scraggly cabbie in a demanding yet friendly tone.
"Home. Fountain and Curson."
"Okay, I take you home. Where you buy that dress? I like very much."
He hears the question but sits surprised for several moments. Finally a smile grows above his chin and he tells the driver exactly where it was bought. This pleases both of them.

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  1. Some bad people and some good people because of some bad people around them make you feel this way..even there are the right clothes on the right sex.. even you are not a " travesti"...
    The driver was a real human.
    Hope some day we could be surrounded with this kind of "human" people.