Sunday, March 28, 2010

new book coming [insert excitement]

After giving away more copies of Matzo Ball Soup than I sold I figured I could approach the end of my second book differently.  So, for anyone who reads this blog the following message applies:

I will be finishing my second book entitled Jack Defeats Ron 100-64 in the upcoming months.  To be more specific, I can confidently guess it will go on sale before August 1st.  If you like what you read on this blog pass it on.  If you look forward to the completion of this book then tell some people about it, let's try and build some minor anticipation from people who are not me.  Writing has become another drug to me and I love every hit I take.  I think about Matzo Ball Soup all day long and I constantly ask myself who actually gives a shit about it.  I do, that's for damn sure.  And I can't wait to hold a copy of Jack Defeats Ron 100-64 in my hands knowing that I finally fucking finished it.

Also, I have yet to decide if I will publish this book under the name Rupert Pupkin again or under my real name (which you already know or will find out if I do the latter).  I picked the name to hide my identity years ago when I was hiding small leaflets of poetry in random book shops and magazine racks.  Now that I have published a book and have another on the way I have to accept that certain people will read my poetry against my will.  So the decision rests on the table, do I run with Rupert Pupkin or leave the title in the dust?  It would certainly lower the chances of Martin Scorsese getting wind of me.  I mean, I dream of Scorsese contacting me because I stole his character name, or Grizzly Bear becoming aware that the poem yellow house uses not a single original word.  The future will tell...

To those reading, thanks for giving a shit.

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