Sunday, March 28, 2010

march 28th, 2010

baby’s on fire

The feeling of waking up in my own place for the first time in my life violently shoved the awful hangover aside and I encouraged my cock to grow harder and harder until I could feel the rough tip rub against my stomach and I immediately rolled over and mounted my body on top of hers and thrust into her with multiplying force as I laughed like a heifer to the slaughter. 

I ran my left hand through my oily hair as I walked into the bathroom naked, glistening with the sweat of passionate morning sex.  I heard her ask for a tissue but pretended I didn’t as I shut the door.  I ran some hot water and dipped my face below the mirror.  Meanwhile I formed a cup with my hands and lifted the contents to my prickly morning cheeks.  The meeting between the two was glorious.

After showering I sauntered past my unmade bed and swiftly jumped onto the couch like a dolphin trying to earn its lunch at Sea World.  This caused her beautiful ass (covered only by a classy pair of black underwear) to fly about four inches in the air and land with a hypnotic ripple.  My eyelids immediately dispersed leaving a pair of hungry, carnivorous whites gazing into the ridges of bare perfection.  I gritted my teeth, growled ferociously and bit into her sexuality with all of my strength. 

We went at it like ravenous hyenas.

turkey and swiss

After a long night I found myself sluggishly laying on the couch, shirtless and picking furry pieces of carpet lint off the soles of my sweaty feet.  My mind had been begging for a meal for over an hour and finally my body complied.  I walked to a nearby sandwich shop and stood in line, hiding behind the dark lenses of my sunglasses.  I hadn’t made eye contact with the woman who walked in behind me, but I recognized her presence.  With no provocation she began fondling my right shoulder, petting me like a house cat.  I furrowed by eyebrows and looked at her with an amused grimace.  I expected her to instantly stop, sheepishly turn away and look down at her toes in embarrassing defeat.  Instead, she switched it up and staring caressing my left shoulder.  Short, gentle brushes.  I cocked my head and calmly asked Get out much?  She whimpered, stroked me one last time, and walked out the door.  A short laugh fell out of my mouth and I looked around in minor disbelief, expecting someone to acknowledge the bizarre moment that had just occurred.  To my surprise no one had noticed and I was left to ponder alone.

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  1. -" The feeling of waking up in my own place for the first time in my life violently shoved the awful hangover aside "

    -( a classy pair of black underwear ) "neyse ki"

    apparently the titles with the contents do not match..solve the puzzle..insert excitement..or frustration inside..bizzare..we need more "realism" nowadays..or only do I ? hı ?