Monday, September 28, 2009

september 28th, 2009


I am barely paying attention to the priest mumbling incantations as I take the flask out of my blazer and take a good hit of warm whiskey.  I reach for a cigarette and just before I strike a flame an elderly woman slaps the lighter out of my hand causing it to slide underneath the pew in front of me.  I curse at her and raise my hand as if I'm going to hit her, but I don’t.  Her nose looks like a beaten tree stump and I have 14 more cigarettes so what do I care.  I’ll smash a bottle of chardonnay over her head in the parking lot and watch the blood fall from her scalp; who’ll be there to see it then?

Both of us are parked in the side lot so I let her leave before me and walk 20 steps behind her.  She walks slowly so I do the same.  When she’s about 100 feet away I put my head down and pick up the pace.  I reach my car with plenty of time and unlock the back seat.  Just as I reach for the empty bottle laying on the floor mat, my phone rings loudly.  She looks over at me and I cough up a smile and wave hello with an upside down bottle of cheap white.  She snarls.

Maybe I’ll go to Canter’s for lunch.

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  1. "Her nose looks like a beaten tree stump"
    if that's so, why would I have even the distance of 100 feet with her ? my energy can not be deserved so easily.I wouldn't waste it.
    the Lord will make the tomorrow wonderful.
    each of us deserves it.