Saturday, September 19, 2009

september 19th, 2009

Couple new poems; the second is a cut-up written with Erin Dillon using Charles Bukowski, Allan Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs Jr., and Alexandre Dumas.

good luck getting to the bottom of that

the rhythm gets old
and the routine grinds down your sanity
and you make mistakes
over and over and over again
and you prolong these nights
nights of booze
and distractions
nights that leave you wanting more
as they spit you out into tomorrow
squinting as you light a cigarette
discussing where to eat
better yet
where not to eat
because it's all a process of elimination
it's all fucked
and it's all beautiful
and none of us want to be buried
too soon
or amongst merely the obligated
it's not a matter of attention
it's a matter of impact
because we all want to leave a mark
some would just prefer
to leave that mark unnoticed

I'm not the only one 
who listens to King Crimson
and sings along
Confusion will be my epitaph

thousands of green cadillacs

New York drug abusers brush away the sunlight like a spider web.  Three generations of unapproachable men sat silent in the tavern, their luggage melting at their feet.  I watched an old man fetch his potato salad out of the sky after he tripped on the cracked linoleum.  Spineless maggots ride their misery into Quixote’s windmills.  Teenagers in Florida have nothing better to do than steal taxi cabs and deliver flowers to the deflated elderly.  I demand instantaneous lobotomies for all those who question the color of the furniture.


  1. the second one is damn good. what's ur cut-up technique exactly, i mean do you write on paper and cut it and add up, like burroughs? i am a great amdmirer of the beats, btw.

  2. to the bottom of what...?

    why would "confusion" be the epitaph of someone ?
    confusion is my enemy.

    "myspace" can not be entered from where I am...I can not see any new writings anywhere if there would be..