Thursday, July 30, 2009

young quanta

Take a chance and listen to the album Young Quanta by Club of the Sons.  It came out on July 7th and it is fantastic and completely original.  I have have listened to it three times straight through today.  You can give it one free listen on and you can buy it on a number of stores including iTunes and Amazon.  Just don't buy me a wolf anymore.

And here is an older poem...

hands (original)

It was the knuckles, ya gotta believe me!  The air outside is so cold and brittle-- it turned the fuckers purple.  I looked down and saw these once beige glaciers of skin and bone turn a bloody purple mess.  Veins reared their bulbous heads as they swam like salmon up to each purple mountain top.  Wrinkles emerged like creases in a pair of cheap slacks as the knuckles went airborne and tore through glass.  All I could do was laugh as goo ran from the cut which sliced my palm with perfect symmetry.


1 comment:

  1. interesting cover..that looks like "me" that's inside of "me"..