Friday, June 19, 2009

june 19th, 2009

an older poem I was unsatisfied with until now...

oh oh oh

look out, we gotta get out
triumphant sound and luscious green
something is going on inside my head
ha ha ha
don't try and convince me otherwise
you're out of your mind and you know it
          the bubble on my face is growing
and so is my impatience
get me out of here
I want to be there
over                              there
ha ha
just go away
come back tomorrow
the weather should be fairer
ha ha
ah what do you know
i'm drunk and your phantom limb
is all you ever cling to
you're pathetic and i'm drunk
so make your move
you're not the only one
playing chess.


  1. I want to play golf..
    this piece sounds as if it was written by a spy..
    very confusing...I am not sure if I have understood anything..ha ha ha..