Monday, March 23, 2009

hello hello

Welcome to my new blog page, I'm glad you could make it.  My name is Rupert Pupkin and I write in order to stay sane.  I will post my writing on this blog and I hope you enjoy it.  I have no new poems to share, so I will start off this new beginning with an older poem, one I wrote a few years back listening to John Coltrane's "Acknowledgment."  It is one of my favorites and it always brings back memories of happiness and depression.  Thanks for checking in, let's make this a habit.  Cheers.


Slow start to the day.  Black coffee and a bowl of tangerine slices.  Oatmeal?  Not this morning I said to myself.  And as I cracked my shoulders and outstretched my arms... she came to mind and suddenly I was dancing in an empty ballroom.  Her majestic dress throwing shadows upon the wall, but I was covered-- gone.  Back at the kitchen table I found myself dropping a cube of sugar into the caffeinated charcoal abyss.  Watching the rippling after-effect I felt strapped to the chair as the slices of tangerine played hopscotch on my rumbling stomach.


  1. haiku:

    the rupert pupkin
    fish tanked word mage cum madcap
    haha i said cum

    - spongebath larry

  2. "the caffeinated charcoal abyss", I liked this expression..