Wednesday, August 11, 2010

for anyone who still checks this blog

Basically, I'm talking to you Irem. The best supporter I've ever had, excluding my very first Dr. Wan. I write to say I have not given up. I believe literature is dead but is capable of being revived. I'm drunk and hard at work approaching all angles (all that I can tolerate approaching). I'll figure something out, I'll figure out a way to get my new book out there. I may be inebriated but I will wake up with a headache and nothing else. No regret. Fuck rejection. Fuck everyone who has dismissed hope of more culture-changing poetry. Literature is dead but will never cease to impact our lives. I'm not desperate, I'm just hanging on for dear life like the rest of them.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  3. Sorry, I am not here to write how I feel.
    I opened up too much when I heard my name.
    where you are nobody would care..
    I've made a mistake.
    I am only here to support.
    Sorry again.

  4. you did not make any mistake at all. i don't respond to comments to stay focused on the writing itself, but please do not apologize for anything. i do care. i will be deleting this blog soon because it now feels like an abandoned building and there are better ways to get my writing out there. cheers irem.

  5. I wasn't expecting any comments from you..
    I just thought my comment was absurd, it had nothing to do with your writing carreer..that's why I deleted it.
    I didn't want to sound silly.
    It is not an abondoned building..I do comment nearly for each piece that you have written.
    I will be sad if you delete it.that's the only blog I follow up.
    What I was expecting is only the most recent piece you have written, ( if you have )
    that's all.
    be inspired !